Waiting on Rejection

                There were times where I waited for the rejection letter because it took too long for me to obtain an interview. I would wait, and wait, and wait and wait again…and nothing. No email. No Calls. No updates on the talent websites. Nothing.

                I often wondered why the recruiters could not take time to reject me since it took me almost 2 hours to fill out the applications. How rude and how dare they disrespect my time…making me fill out a 20 page application when they knew who they were hiring prior to posting the job requisition? In my previous post, I stated a pre-written rejection letter takes 2 seconds to send to a mass of people. Because of this, I feel disrespected as a job seeker.

                Let’s say I did by chance get an interview. I am expected to be prompt and to respect the time of the person providing the interview to me.   As a person searching for a job, I never get the same respect.

This is annoying because in Lafayette, 90% of the time, unless you are hired by a large company hiring tons of people at a time, the person hiring people usually hires someone they know. This is called the ‘hook up’ job. You may not have any skills necessary to successfully perform the job, but you get the job anyway because you know SOMEONE that is in HR or someone who knows someone in HR. If you do not qualify for the ‘hook up’ job, if you are a white male, or better, a white male that was laid off from an Oilfield job, you get first dibs on all job openings. If recruiters in Lafayette can find out that you do not fit into that demographic, they just ignore your application all together.

Now, I would not be this salty if someone would have the common courtesy to email me back. I don’t mind receiving rejection letters. I do mind not getting any communication at all. I feel ignored, disrespected and clowned. Every job that I apply for I have experience and education in unless it’s an entry level job. I’ve had professional HR analysts review my Resume and Cover Letters. I’ve obtained other skills creating documents that you can attach to your application to show you are serious about the job (I’ll share those later with you), but I am still ignored.

Looking for decent, professional employment here is a joke. You can only achieve a professional gig through the ‘hook up’ method…the ‘white male’ method or the ‘surplused oilfield worker’ method. If you happen to get a job and do not fall into those means, you are indeed lucky and I commend you…and please share tips with those of us who are struggling so we can do better.

Lafayette will never have a skilled and diversified workforce if they keep using backdoor methods to hire others. This is the reason why the south is so behind and will remain behind. Others become frustrated and leave the south leaving those who are stuck here…stuck. And guess what…state Civil Service job applications are 10x’s worse that I just described. That will be my next post.

Let me know your experiences and thank you for hanging out with me.

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